WTF is coditty?

Well, coditty is created mostly for developers. Web developers.
Actually, for only one developer.

But it also can be used by you, you grumpy fuckers.

UPDATE: 2018-05-22

Well, coditty is closed for the public use, from now on it can be used only by me - author of coditty. Login/reg is disabled so do not even try to login. All data from other users is deleted!

How it can be usefull?

When you are working on your shitty 'wanna be next twitter/facebook' project, usually you are using knowledge and solutions from other badass mofos (stackoverflow) and sometimes you create your own. But very often, it happens (at least for me) that i know that i had a solution for some very complicated (small) problem but now i can't remember how did i solved it. And somehow, internet Gods are working against me and even Almighty Google is not able to find it in this exact moment! Just when i need it. Or maybe i am using wrong keywords! FUCK!

Well it would be nice, if in these nice moments under tight deadline and big pressure where my boss is looking over his shoulder to my monitor angry as fuck hoping for a miracle, i could be able to somehow pull this shit up and make everybody happy. So that's why i created coditty, just to save some of 'mine working pieces of code' with short explanation and maybe a link to stackoverflow which i can find very quickly in emergency 'call 911' situations.

Because i am a nice guy, i decided to share my little online code-scribble book called coditty with you, ungrateful greedy bastards :)

And you can share it with your freak friends as well!

So, i put some extra night shift working hours into this small project to make mine (and yours) life little bit easier.

Thank you
and thank me!